ldbox is a fork and continuation of Scratchbox 2 (also known as sb2).

Development of Scratctbox 2 started in Nokia as a lightweight and more convenient alternative to Scratchbox, a full virtualisation environment, to use for cross-compilation and development environment for Maemo, a dpkg-based Linux distribution for Nokia tablets and phones (N800, N810, N900, N950, N9).

However, in February 2011 Nokia management decided to abandon Linux efforts in favour of Microsoft Windows. As a result, team working on SDK for Linux was dissolved. Original authors were continuing working on Scratchbox 2 and pushing commits to the main repository at Gitorious until releasing version 2.3.90 in September 2012. The project became officially unmaintained since then.

Scratchbox 2 development didnt's stop at that time. There was unofficial fork maintained by Mer Project and then Jolla. But this fork became dead after last commit in March 2014.

After accumulating lots of non-upstreamable changes, the last contributor of the last unofficial fork decided to take over the project and fork it under a different name: ldbox.

The reason for name change was to improve project image and adoption. Scratchbox 2 name was creating an impression that it's a successor of Scratchbox, heavyweight and difficult to use full virtualisation environment.

Now, after fork and rebranding, the work is in progress on version 2.4.0. The project is waiting for new developers!